5 Tips for Distinguishing Genuine and Fake Fossil Handbags

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5 Tips for Distinguishing Genuine and Fake Fossil Handbags

Konten [Tampil]
These days, many people prefer brand products, and not only they but also the general public like the brand. One of the well-known brands is Fosil. This pencil is a middle-class bag.

Its quality was also comparable to Louis Vuitton's designer bag, but it is much cheaper. There is even a saying that this Foss bag is the cheapest one compared to other expensive bags.

For one unit of the Fossil branded bag, the price starts from only 1 million, so it is very cheap. Unfortunately because of the simple design and making KW items appear.

How to distinguish the original Fossil woman bag from the KW one?


The first thing that you can use as a reference to distinguish which Fossil women's handbags are genuine and fake ones is through the logo. The logo of this original Fossil bag is soft and darker in color. This is because the embossed Fossil bag on genuine leather will result in a darker color.

As for the fake Fossil bag, the emboss logo feels shiny and also stiff. What you should know is that almost all of these Fossil bags are made of leather, so most of them will have an embossed logo on the same outer bag.

Handbags Tags

This original Fossil bag will always have a tag embedded in the bag. The tag is also made of leather which has four side stitches.

What distinguishes it from the KW bag is that the tag has the Fossil logo on the top and also has a serial number at the bottom. If you don't find the leather tag, you can be sure that the bag you have is KW.


Not only is the leather tag a sign of the authenticity of the bag, but the statement inside is also a sign of the authenticity of the bag. Fossil has only released one statement, namely All Fossil products are handcrafted from the finest tip grain leathers available. Without this statement or statement, the authenticity of Fossil's bag needs to be questioned.

Key chain

This Fossil bag has a key-shaped hanger which is made of leather, brass, or wood. The secondhand bag may not have the key chain because it is lost. However, if you buy a new Fossil bag, it is better if you make sure that the hanger is there because it is proof of the authenticity of the bag.

Inner Bag Design

Pay close attention to the stitches or materials in the bag. Most of these genuine Fossil bags have a special material with a sheen finish. The sheen finish is on the Fossil signature cloth, in the form of the Fossil logo printed on the top. If the logo is shiny or sheen is the sign you are holding an original Fossil bag.

Get a Fossil Ori Bag

The rise of existing KW items makes you have to be careful and careful when buying them. If you can't tell the difference clearly, one way that you can get the original Fossil women's handbag is to buy it at a trusted online shop.

One of the online stores that sell branded goods is Urbanicon. On this site you can get Fossil bags with various designs and of course at various prices, where the budget can be adjusted according to your abilities.

For example, if you are looking for a Fossil brand women's bag at a low price, by spending a budget starting from 800 thousand, you can get the original guaranteed Fossil bag. For the best seller or most popular Fossil bag, you can get it by spending a budget starting from just 3 million.

With a budget of 3 million, you can bring home the Ryder Crossbody Black bag which has a simple design but still looks classy. This bag also follows the sling bag trend that is compact and trendy. Apart from that this bag can also make your OOTD even more stunning.

Never be tempted by a cheap price, because low prices are not necessarily genuine. Make sure you buy a Fossil women's bag in a trusted place to ensure its authenticity.

writter : Joe Ajat
Website : Webs.Icu

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5 Tips for Distinguishing Genuine and Fake Fossil Handbags

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